Alfi Nordic Walking Set 北歐健行水壺腰包組


  • 腰包一個
  • isoBottle 0.5L 一個


$4980   加 購   



人民检察官 大陸劇我爱男保姆





Silit 的相片。                          NT  17880


   NT  5980  alfi.jpg

  • Alfi Big Spender Carafe, Black and Blue$6880




  • Alfi Juwel Gold Plated Brass Thermal Carafe, 33-OunceNT   35880alfi-saphir-chrome-brass.jpg

    Alfi thermal carafes are made with aesthetic appeal and superior performance. Employing cutting-edge technology, state-of-the art materials, and the craftsmanship of world-renowned designers, including Tassilo von Grolman, Luca Trazzi, Ole Palsby and Julian Brown, Alfi carafes transform the common coffee or tea carafe to a work of scientific and artistic excellence.


    Made in Germany, the elegant Juwel gold plated brass carafe with the AlfiDur double-walled vacuum hard glass liner has capacity of 1 litre or 33.8 ounces and is priced at $448 USD. This sleek carafe keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Originally crafted in 1918 for the Pullman cars of the American railroads, Juwel has adorned the coffee tables of entire generations. Easily cleaned with warm soapy water.


    This is another Juwel carafe, made of pure copper with chrome plated trim. This tarnish protected copper Alfi carafe has the same capacity as the gold plated brass carafe above, and keeps liquids hot or cold for the 12 hour period as well. The price is $266.


    The stylish 1 litre Alfi Achat carafe is crafted in Germany from chrome plated copper with unique beveled stripes, featuring the AlfiDur vacuum hard glass liner, metal handle and hinged cover with stopper. Designed by award-winning designer Tassilo von Grolman, this carafe brings a new dimension to your kitchen or office. The twin-walled AlfiDur toughened hard glass liner creates a vacuum between the walls, allowing neither heat nor cold to escape. Easy to clean. The price is $250.


    The large 1.5 liter Alfi Opal is the chrome plated brass carafe with the AlfiDur vacuum hard glass liner, a metal handle and hinged cover with stopper. Originally designed in 1930, these carafes are an excellent choice for family event, making you a superb host. Hinged lid provides safe single-hand operation. The liquid keeps its temperature for 12 hours. German made and easy to clean with soap and water. The price is $292.


    Originally designed in 1968, the 1 liter Alfi Saphir carafe has elegant form and modern functionality. The sharp, captivating chrome plated brass finish of this vacuum jug is combined with traditional Alfi double-walled vacuum glass liner to please your eye and keep liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours. It features a metal handle and hinged cover with stopper for single-hand operation. The price is $220. Made in Germany. Alfi carafes.






  • alfi 設計之最 Kugel 空保溫壺,其獨特的圓球形設計榮獲多項國際設計大獎殊榮,並為美國紐約現代藝術博物館的永久館藏品之一


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